Indoor Air Quality In Green Vs Conventional Multifamily Low-Income Housing

(Environmental Science & Technology) A study found that green housing had 57% lower PM2.5, 65% lower NO2, and 93% lower nicotine compared to conventional homes. Participants in green homes also experienced 47% fewer sick building syndrome symptoms. These findings suggest that multilevel housing interventions can improve long-term resident health - and that green housing interventions can reduce indoor air pollution and improve health outcomes, particularly in low-income populations.

Colton, M., MacNaughton, P., Vallarino, J., Kane, J., Bennett-Fripp, M., Spengler, J., and Adamkiewicz, G., (2014) Indoor Air Quality in Green Vs Conventional Multifamily Low-Income Housing, Environmental Science & Technology  48 (14), 7833-7841

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