Compilation Of Published PM2.5 Emission Rates For Cooking, Candles And Incense For Use In Modeling Of Exposures In Residences

(U.S. Department of Energy) The authors of this study aimed to produce a database of pollutant emission rates associated with cooking and burning candles and incense. This information is needed for indoor air quality modeling. The study found that PM2.5 is the most damaging air pollutant in homes and can lead to respiratory damage and premature death. The largest sources of PM2.5 in homes are outdoor entry and indoor combustion, with the largest indoor sources being tobacco smoking, cooking, and burning of candles and incense.

Hu, T., Singer, B., and Logue, J., (2012) Compilation of Published PM2.5 Emission Rates for Cooking, Candles and Incense for Use in Modeling of Exposures in Residences. United States Department of Energy.

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