Pollutant Exposures from Natural Gas Cooking Burners: A Simulation-Based Assessment for Southern California

(Environmental Health Perspectives) A study in California homes found that indoor natural gas cooking burners (NGCBs) can emit high levels of pollutants, leading to health risks for residents. The study used a mass-balance model to estimate pollutant concentrations and occupant exposures, finding that without using venting range hoods, 62% of residents were exposed to NO2 levels exceeding health standards and 53% to HCHO levels exceeding standards.

Logue JM, Klepeis NE, Lobscheid AB, Singer BC (2014) Pollutant exposures from natural gas cooking burners: a simulation-based assessment for Southern California. Environmental Health Perspectives 122:43–50;  http://dx.doi.org/10.1289/ehp.1306673

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