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Gas in the home poses significant health risks and dangers to your family.

An extreme closeup of gas stove with the burner on and blue flames visible through a gap under the grate

Carbon Monoxide, Gas Stoves, and Your Health

2 min read

Carbon monoxide, CO, is a poisonous gas created when a fuel has not fu...

A closeup of a gas stove burner that's lit

Benzene, Gas Stoves, and Your Health

1 min read

Benzene, or C6H6, is a highly flammable toxic chemical used to make pl...

A man crouching down and cleaning a gas stove while wearing yellow rubber gloves

PM2.5, Gas Stoves, and Your Health

1 min read

PM2.5 is fine particulate matter that is 2.5 microns in width or small...

A closeup of a lit gas stove burner

Nitrogen Dioxide, Gas Stoves, and Your Health

1 min read

Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, is a highly reactive oxidizing gas that contrib...

A small child standing in front of a gas stove, with both hands adjusting the burner controls and a pot on the front right burner.

Doctors and Public Health Associations Warn Against Cooking with Gas

1 min read

The public health community has always been way ahead of the governmen...

Three pots on three separate burners on a gas stove, with back left burner turned on.

Benzene with your bouillabaisse? What’s really in “natural” gas.

3 min read

When we think of the gas industry, the images that come to mind are dr...